Draft of History

This page brings together the planned “Table of Contents” (although not laid out explicitly by Whitehead), “Introduction” and Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in various stages of development.  

Also included are Whitehead’s “Broad Outline” and “Topics Draft” as well as twelve “Chapter Headings” (which exist as brief summary headings rather than drafts). Whitehead intended all of these as prefatory notes, reminders, or suggestions.

“Bibliography I” consists of 161 sources used, and “Bibliography II” consists of 68 intended for use. All of these texts, which should be available in the Library of Congress, are also available in the Whitehead family archive.  Wherever possible links to the print, video, and audio materials cited in both bibliographies are provided.


Broad Outline 9-03 [Thirteen point list of important topics Whitehead intended to address]

Topics Draft 10-07-04 [Thirty-six bullet points of topics and themes drafted by Whitehead intended to address]



Introduction 1-18-07 [Draft Number Uncertain] (prior to addition of Burgess footnotes)

Introduction 04-09 [Draft Number Uncertain] (including Burgess footnotes in brackets)


  1. Chaos, Competition, & Consolidation

            Three notes concerning Section I

Chapter 1.  Theodore Vail and the Creation of the Bell System (Originally named The Telephone & Theodore VailChapter 1 Vail section draft 03-18-07 mod A (CTW’s original draft)

Chapter 1 notes [29 point list of information considered in drafting Chapter 1]

Chapter 2.  New Origins of Radio (Originally named Communication Without Wires)Chapter 2 Wireless draft 11-14-07 (prior to addition of Burgess footnotes)

Chapter 2 [Research Narrative by Whitehead, with minor Burgess edits and her bracketed footnotes]

Chapter 2 Notes [43 notes taken by Whitehead while reviewing Susan Douglas’s Inventing American Broadcasting]

Chapter 3.  The Birth of Radio Broadcasting and Radio Set Manufacturing (Originally named World War I Radio - 01-13-08 (prior to addition of Burgess footnotes)

Chapter 3 - Radio - [Research Narrative, with minor Burgess edits and her bracketed footnotes]

Chapter 4.  Radio


II.  Monopoly Enthroned

Chapter 5.  The 1934 Communications Act

Chapter 6.  The AT&T Monopoly

A. Network Radio Becomes Network TV

B. Telephone Becomes Telecommunications

Chapter 7.  The Monopoly of the Three TV Networks


III. Monopoly Undone

Chapter 8.  The Gathering Storm

A. MCI etc

B. Cable TV and Satellites


Chapter 9.  The Transformation of TV (OTP, Galaxy, Astra)


Chapter 10. The Breakup of AT&T (OTP)


IV. A New Century

Chapter 11. Pipes and Wires

Chapter 12. The Internet


V.  Epilogue


Bibliography I (161 sources used)


Bibliography II (68 sources intended for use)