Proposed Oral Histories

Below is a list of proposed subjects for oral histories designated by Whitehead.  There is a first draft of proposed questions for the subjects whose names have links below, except Rupert Murdoch.  The subjects are seminal figures in the twentieth century telecommunications industry chosen by Whitehead for interviews.

Don Baker - Attorney.

William Baxter 

Frank Biondi - President and CEO of Viacom from 1987 to 1996, and was the Chairman and CEO of Universal Studios from 1996 to 1998.  Director of AmgenCablevisionHarrah's EntertainmentHasbroYahoo, and Seagate.

Edward Bleier - Chairman of the Board, CKX, Inc.

Charles Brown

Les Brown -


John Cooke - Executive Vice President, Walt Disney Co.

Ken Cox - FCC Commissioner, 1963-1970.  Deceased.

Larry Darby – Deceased.

Ed David - Electrical Engineer and Director, Ronson Corporation.

Steve Effros - President, Effros Communications.

Tom Faulders 

Charlie Ferris - Attorney.

David Gabel - Professor of Economics, Queens College, CUNY.

Jack Gavin - American film actor.

Henry Geller - FCC General Counsel (1964-1970), Special Assistant to the FCC Chairman (1970-1973), and National Telecommunications and Information Administration Director (1978-1981).

Jack Goeken - Founder of MCI.

Henry Goldberg - Acting General Counsel OTP (1973), General Counsel OTP (1974).

Eddy Hartenstein - Chairman of the Board, Sirius XM Radio, former Executive at Hughes Communications; Hughes Electronics; President, Direct TV; Publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

Dale Hatfield - F. C. C. Chief Technologist then Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology (1997-2000).

Charles Herzfeld - Director of DARPA

Don Hewitt American television news producer and executive, best known for creating 60 Minutes.

Walt Hinchman – President and Senior Associate, Walter Hinchman Associates. Inc.

Max Hopper – Deceased.

Amos Hostetter - Founder and former chairman and chief executive officer of Continental Cablevision.

Irwin Jacobs - Co-founder of Qualcomm.

Lee Johnson

Charles Joyce - U.S. Representative from Vermont

Steven Koltai - Vice President, Bankers Trust Company.

Kay Koplovitz - Chairman and CEO, Koplovitz & Co.

Brian P. Lamb - OTP Assistant to the Director for Congressional and Media Relations (1972), Special Assistant for Congressional and Media Relations (1973), Assistant to the Director (1974); C-SPAN Founder, Chairman and CEO (1979 – present).

Gerald M. Levin - H. B. O. Chair and CEO (1976-1979).

John Malone - Current chairman of Liberty Media and CEO of Discovery Holding Company.

Peter Marshall - Retired telecommunications executive. 

Travis Marshall - Consultant, Motorola, Inc.

Terry McGuirk - Turner Broadcasting System since 1972, where he served as CEO from 1996 to 2001 and now serves as vice chairman.

Walter Mears - Pulitzer prize-winning American journalist with the Associated Press.

Michael Milken - American financier and philanthropist.

Newt Minow - American attorney and former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

Lloyd Morrisett - One of the founders of the Children's Television Workshop (now known asSesame Workshop).

Bill Moyers - American journalist and public commentator. He served as White House Press Secretary in the President Lyndon B. Johnson Administration from 1965 to 1967.

Rupert Murdoch -  Founder (1952) of News Limited; Founder (1979) and present Chairman and Managing Director, News Corporation.

Michael Nemeroff - Attorney.

Tony Oettinger - Professor, Harvard University.

Bruce Owen - OTP Chief Economist (1971-1972); present Public Policy professor and Director of the Public Policy Program at Stanford University.

Joseph N. Pelton - Research Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, George Washington University, Institute for Applied Space Research (1996- present).

Robert Pepper - Chief of Policy Development, F. C. C.  (2002-2005).

Ross Perot - American businessman from Texas best known for running for President of the United States in 1992 and 1996.

Ken Robinson - Attorney.

Harold Rosen - (electrical_engineer)> , inventor. geostationary satellite (1963); Hughes Aircraft Vice President (1980-1992).

Jim Rosenthal - Sports presenter on British television.

William Safire - Deceased. American author, columnist, journalist and presidential speechwriter.

Nino Scalia - Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Herb Schlosser - President, NBC.

Jack (John A.) Shaw – White House Liaison to the US Defense Department under President Ford and to the US State Department under President Reagan.

Sid Sheinberg - American entertainment executive.

Chip Shooshan - Deceased.

Fred Silverman - American television executive and producer. He worked as an executive at the CBS, ABC and NBC networks.

Abe Sonnenschein

Ken Starr - Former federal Court of Appeals judge and Solicitor General who is most notable for his tenure as Independent Counsel while Bill Clinton was US President.

Bill Steltemeier –

Stuart Sucherman - Chairman & CEO, Sucherman Consulting Group, Inc.

Brian Thompson - Former Chairman, MCI.

Sidney Topol - Scientific Atlanta Chairman and CEO (1971-1986).

Howard Trienens - Attorney.

Ted Turner - Founder of CNN.

David Webster – Deceased. Member, BBC Board of Management.

Don West – Deceased.  Former Publisher, Broadcasting Magazine.

Bud Wheelon – Retired Hughes Aircraft Executive

Dick Wiley - Former Chair, FCC.

Robert Wright - Chairman, NBC Universal (2001-2007).

Sam Wyly - Founder and Chairman, University Computing Company (1963-1979).

Nick Zapple – Deceased.  Staff, Senator John Pastore.